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Relaxed Education
Relaxed is a wonderfully diverse and highly ethical company: we build websites for schools; run smallholding courses, sell produce and livestock and write articles for the smallholding press. We love to educate and share and we have massively high standards. Our relationship with our clients and customers is hugely important to us: some of the websites we run have been on our books since the company was launched some eleven years ago and people who buy livestock from us often come back for more the following year.
Contact Jack or David to find out more about any of the initiatives or projects we run: we would love to hear from you.
We offer schools bespoke-built and fully managed websites where all content is sent to us to upload so that the staff are then left to do what they do best: teach and support the children. We are experts at helping to celebrate and really show off all that is great about the schools with whom we work!
Relaxed Ltd - Relaxed websites for schools
Relaxed Farming is a detailed account of the life of a smallholding, written for a school audience. It includes a daily diary written over an (almost) two-year period, photos, videos, animal sections (who they are, how to look after them etc) plus sections on food and how to build and use a polytunnel.
Relaxed Ltd - Relaxed Farming: Our Farm In Your Classroom
Our smallholding courses are perfect for the new and aspiring 'true'’ smallholder: people who dream of the good life but aren’t afraid of hard work; that want to have a go at lots of things but to do them all well and who aim for the highest possible standards of animal welfare.
Relaxed Ltd - Relaxed Smallholding Courses
Relaxed Real Foods sells both farm produce and livestock. Food includes eggs, pork, lamb, beef and occasional veg. Livestock available, depending on time of year, includes chickens (including Indian Game), turkeys, Muscovy ducks, Boer goats, Shetland sheep and Dexter cows.
Relaxed Ltd - Relaxed Real Foods
We write a daily diary about events on our smallholding in North Devon. Designed to be fun AND informative, it is an honest account of the ups, downs and somewhere 'in betweens' of running a smallholding. It also introduces the reader to all our animals, by name!!!
Somewhere in between running all the above projects, we write the odd article or two for the smallholding press. Current publications include Country Smallholding and Practical Goats, Sheep and Alpacas. There are even rumours about a book sometime...

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